Transcription of Japanese names

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I found it important to show Japanese name as correct as it is possible (it means both technical and my personal possibilities). When Mr. Hepburn created the Hepburn-style transcription table, he did not care about long vowels. There are some ways in practice to transcript long vowels. I think I could find a not too bad solution, maybe it will be a bit strange at first glance, but I think it will be easy to get used to it.

Those sounds which I did not mention here, should be pronounced normally by the Hepburn-style alphabet.

Sounds which I used but are non-standard Hepburn sounds:

oo long o
uu long u
o'o two o syllables (not a long o !)
u'u two u syllables (not a long u !)
n' when a vowel follows an n ( n'e, n'i is not ne, ni )
dzu In case when tsu becomes voiced in compounds,
except in word Yokozuna which I kept in this more known form.
Pronunciation is the same as in case of "zu".